A trip to Kansas City with the Cat Lady Crew

I took a trip to Kansas City this past weekend with some excellent cat ladies and fellow Des Moines Girl Gang members to check out a pop-up cat cafe. While we were in town, we stayed in a beautiful AirBnB in the Hyde Park neighborhood, visited a fun speakeasy/bar in the Warehouse District called The Ship, had fantastic brunch at Succotash, stopped by the newly opened Doughnut Lounge to try out their unique doughnuts, hung out with Nicole Leth of Sex & Ice Cream, stopped by Donna's Dress Shop, and had dinner at both Beer Kitchen and Spin!. 

By far the highlight of the trip, however, was the pop-up cat cafe put on by the KC Pet Project at Wine & Design. We stayed for four solid hours of kitten playtime with the cutest little fuzzballs. Only one kitten was adoptable, and naturally, he came home with our group when one of our gang adopted him! Welcome to Iowa, Jeff the kitten aka lil KJ! We are all proud to be your godmothers. #kittycity