The DMSC's Last Damn Pre-Caucus Party and Political Fashion Show - Photo Booth!

Thank you, once again, to the Des Moines Social Club for having me out to host a photo booth for one of their spectacular events! The Last Damn Pre-Caucus Party and Political Fashion Show was an event to raise awareness and evoke a sense of excitement commitment for Iowans to exercise their special privilege and right to be the first in the nation to get out and share their voice for the upcoming presidential election.

The primaries are a huge deal for Iowa, bringing all sorts of celebrities, musicians, media, and canvassers to town rallying for their candidates. Events like these that are hosted at cultural hubs in our city are particularly effective for giving insight to young, first-time caucus-goers (like myself!).  

The night was put on by Give A Damn Des Moines, The Des Moines Register, and The Des Moines Social Club, and featured a political fashion show with talented local models sporting carefully styled and curated, politically reminiscent outfits from local clothing designers and shops like Dornink, Raygun, and Atomic Garage. Gastro Grub food truck and Firetrucker brewing company catered the event as well, and I seriously recommend you check them both out.

The amazing political candidate head props you see in my photo booth photos were hand drawn by super talented Des Moines artist Van Holmgren. Flip through the gallery to see your own photos and to see the fun variety of things some folks did with Donald Trump.