St. Kilda Friends and Family Dinner

St. Kilda is an Australian-style café & bakery in downtown Des Moines. When they first opened, they only served breakfast, lunch, Counter Culture coffee (Australian style!), and cocktails. Their dishes are beautifully plated with a focus on fresh and modern presentation and recipes. 

This spot is one of my personal favorite places for breakfast in Des Moines, (seriously, please try the avocado toast with poached egg, or any other thing on the menu for that matter) so I was obviously thrilled to partner with them for their first night ever preparing a full dinner menu. They asked me to come in and shoot their entire lineup of new dinner plates, evening snacks, starters, desserts, and cocktails all during their ultra-fast-paced, invite-only, friends and family dinner, in the dark winter night. That's right, I had none of that gorgeous daylight that normally soaks St. Kilda through the tall windows. So I had my fun with some flash!

As guests started to arrive and order, I photographed their dishes the second they left the kitchen window, the brand new drinks the moment the bar finished mixing them, and then the amazing service staff whisked them all off to their proper tables. It was a fast, fun, and delicious night and I'm thrilled with these images. Enjoy the photos, and head to St. Kilda to try out their new dinner menu! As with their other menus, it will be ever-changing, so don't wait to try the dish you've had your eye on.

Visit St. Kilda's website here: